Friday, January 2, 2009

The One With My First Video Blog this is slightly mortifying. I just did my first video blog and I'm considering trashing it and not putting it up. Only I know I should bite the bullet and post it. I'm so embarrassed and feel like a super-lame-pants. Plus I should NEVER wear white in the winter when I'm so ghostly pale. Horrible.

However, SH said I looked cute, and a little lame but that I should post this and not to worry because I'll get better at it. Haha. I love him.

My First Video Blog from SoxyLady on Vimeo.

My awesome scarf is from Ashley (@ashleymarie6 from Our Little Apartmet) and was part of the Girl Get Your Scarf On Exchange put together by Sarah Marie P (@sarahmariep from Sarah Said) and Talia (from Rejoicings and Ramblings oops, I just realized I never put her in my Google reader! Sorry! Doing that now!!)

I totally hope they do it again next year because I had so much fun. Or maybe even a cute little Valentine's Day Exchange (hint hint!)

And the great presents are from Natasha (Omg, Tasha are you not on Twitter?!??!) from SohoButterfly as the prizes from her Christmas Memory Contest.

I also talk about Exposaroonie which every aspiring, casual or professional photographer should enter! It's a lot of fun (even though like I said I've only entered once so far. After today it should be twice!)

Now I'm not sure how to end this embarrassing post except to say, ummm...thanks for watching?


  1. I think you did GREAT! You totally deserve diamonds, If only we could afford BIGGER ones!

  2. That was totally cute! Not weird at all!!

  3. YOU ARE SO CUTE! *lol* I loved being able to see you "in the flesh" and Spike too! How cool was that, that I get to watch you open my present live on the internet?

    PS: I'm still working on Hubby for our Boston 2009 plans chez Chateau Spike. :o)

    (And no, I'm not on Twitter!)

  4. Yay for video blogs! I love how Spike came to check out the card when you asked if he wanted to see it! Adorable!

    Your scarf is so cute! Thanks for being part of the fun!

    Oh, and I love your blog's new look btw!!!

  5. I love this :D Spike is absolutely adorable! When he came over to see the christmas card, my heart melted! Haha. The scarf is beautiful also!

  6. Super cute Sarah!! I loved the video. :D

  7. OMG I love your puppy in the back!!!